About Us


The Whalesight team has decades of experience leading initiatives at the junction points of mapping/cartography, technology including GPS, drones, big data, and marine life.


 Our advisor, Diane Alps is interested in studying cetaceans in their natural environment and loves to share her fascination and knowledge with the general and scientific public. Diane loves to explore and develop ways to connect people to nature and its inhabitants, and to increase their awareness and willingness to increase conservation measures worldwide.



In the 90’s, Whalesight CTO Dave Steckler co-founded Nobeltec, a groundbreaking and market-leading company doing marine navigation and mapping. Dave spent the 2000’s working in big-data, cloud systems and mobile devices before creating the Mysticetus Marine Mammal system in 2010. Mysticetus is the field-leading system for recording, mapping and analyzing marine mammals – from behavioral analysis to population/density calculations to real-time mitigation and monitoring of human impacts on aquatic life.


Paul Steckler photo

Whalesight’s CEO Paul Steckler has directed numerous high-tech initiatives, ranging from beating XML into a pulpy mass through being unable to talk Bill Gates into just fricking using Lucene. An expert on search and user interface, Paul lead the team that created so.cl, the definitive search app for Southern California. Paul’s most recent achievements include not going all Facebook when it came to shipping an Amazon phone, making Alexa sound even sexier than Cortana, and the phenomenally successful, world-famous Sports Brief Daily.


Whalesight’s COO Paul Donlan spent the first half of his career developing simulation software for flight trainers. The next half of his career has been involved in learning and driving all things software development soup to nuts. This has encompassed everything from requirements gathering, software specification writing, project scheduling, costing and release management, team development, security, back-end services design, and customer evangelism and sales.